DIY Repurposed Old Door – My Dream Headboard


Mark and I went on a salvage treasure hunt and found the perfect old pocket door for my dream headboard.  The story begins at Fellenz Architectural Antiques (439 North Euclid), with a father and son salvage team.  They rescued this beautiful old door and brought it to their shop in St. Louis, MO.   There were so many great architectural finds and rescues.  Each piece had a story, and with our purchase our doors’ story continued.

Taking an old door and breathing new life into it; changing it into a beautiful heirloom piece of furniture.  This was such a fun project and well worth the wait.  The headboard turned out even better than I imagined and it all started with an old door someone no longer wanted.

Mark drew out my design plan, transferring it from inspiration to paper.  We then went to our local lumber company and I selected wood trim and crown molding, which would create the detail to transform this door into a king sized headboard.


We removed some old damaged trim from the door so we would have a blank slate.  Mark squared up the door, because the bottom of the door had more space between the panels than the top.  Then we sanded the door so it was perfectly smooth and slightly routered the edges of the door.

He created two wooden legs, carefully measured so I would have the perfect headboard height.  He attached another piece of wood, to the back of the legs and the door, to reinforce the legs and widen the thickness so the side profile had more depth.  Another sanding so everything was smooth and there were no edges between the different pieces of wood.


Then he attached the crown molding and put blocking on the back of the crown molding for support.  He put a shelf on top of the crown, overlapping the shelf over the crown, so it was aesthetically pleasing and created another layer of trim and depth.  The back of the shelf was flush with the back of the door.  All edges were routered and a final sanding so the door was smooth and prepped for staining and a final coat of polyurethane.

back-of-crown-molding-construction-for-headboard completed-headboard-before-staining

I wanted the headboard to have a dark stain with a thick lacquered look.  I also wanted to coordinate with two bedside tables we already had.  I think it turned out perfect!  Thank you to my wonderful husband for completing this project!  A special shout out goes to our neighbor super Dave.  Thanks for lending us some garage space so we could have plenty of room to work.


Margarita enjoying her new bedroom! Now it’s time for hanging pictures and decorating!

img_7472   img_7400


STOP the Bullying and Show Some LOVE

demi lovato

“Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were said to me that I still haven’t forgotten.” -Demi Lovato

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never harm me. Unfortunately the old adage is incorrect and the scars of abuse from childhood bullies still remain. The effects lingered into all aspects of life and relationships with friends, coworkers, and love. It is something I have dealt with my entire life and it has taken me 30+ years to come to terms.

This isn’t your typical pumpkin pie post. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and I am taking this opportunity to open up and utilize my voice and blog as a platform to get a message across.

The topic of bullying has been around for a long time and I have shied away from addressing it, probably, because it opens up too much of my life and who I am. As a professional in the marketing world I usually keep my personal image and business image separate, as do many people in all industries, but why should I hide from something that wasn’t my fault?

When I was in grade school I was bullied. Yes, I had braces and the usual pre-teen angst but it went beyond that. The boys, (bullies) were relentless. Not only would they taunt me with words but at times it was physical. Even though these children were very different they all had the same issue. They needed LOVE. Their home life may have been broken, filled with divorce, lack of attention, and low self-esteem.

So, they chose to project their insecurities onto me and I carried the load for all of us.

I think because this type of abuse doesn’t leave bruises we don’t treat it the same as physical violence, but it does in fact leave bruises that the victims can’t get rid of. These bruises not only stay with us but they change who we are and who we may become. It is the responsibility of educators to identify these issues and work with parents on both sides to correct the issue. Telling the child that is bullied to get a thicker skin and not address the children doing the bullying is WRONG. And parents, it starts at home; show your children LOVE.

From childhood bullies to adulthood I faced an abusive relationship of seven years. People that are closest to me know my battle and for some this will be a surprise and a shock. My point in discussing all of this and exposing abuse is to let people know childhood bullying extends beyond the schoolyard and it can become severe.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter    

I started the dialogue, now I want you to continue and STOP THE BULLYING. I urge you to find a friend, coworker or child and talk to someone about bullying. Share your story or mine and share your thoughts, and a little LOVE.

If you need help with starting the conversation or to learn more about preventing bullying, resources for help, and how to fight back you can click here:

stomp out bullying                       bully project logo

Follow the farmDREAM

What is the farmDREAM? The farmDREAM is a metaphor and inspiration to follow your journey and follow your dream! Our farmDREAM began with a wish to preserve the farm and make it a place for generations to enjoy. Our farmDREAM is everything about the farm; growing great food, harvesting fruit from Uncle Glenn’s trees then turning them into a delicious recipe, relaxing on the front porch swing with a glass of good wine, and creating and sharing memorable events. I am so truly blessed to have a partner along the way and together we are making each other’s dreams come true.

I must say, along the way of our adventures, we have always had critics or naysayers. Doing something different is taking the path less traveled, “and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost. The feeling of following your own path, or dream, is uplifting and freeing. It isn’t always ideal and sometimes there have been sacrifices, but it is worth it.

The next step is exchanging my stiletto pumps for a pair of farm boots and an office with a view – fresh dirt and blue sky overhead. I am happy to announce my apprenticeship at RiverBend Roots Farm starting this spring! It’s official; I am a farmer-in-training!

Stay tuned for more, and follow our farmDREAM to see how the story unfolds …

LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW – Ok we’re good now, you can stop, no really!

Growing up I heard tales of the Snow storm of 82′ and every once in a while when we sifted through old photo’s we’d stumble across pictures of snow trapped cars and dad standing in front of a mountain of snow with shovel in hand. This was no “I walked to school, uphill, both ways tall tale”; It was actually a one-in-70 year event.

Where I grew up they received a record 20 inches of snow and in the St. Louis area they recorded 13 inches. With the recent “Snowmageddon” it brought back stories from anyone who experienced the storm of the century, which I happened to miss. So this time around it is with excitement that I run to the window and pull back the blinds to see if it’s a snow day!


  1. TRY A NEW RECIPE – I always enjoy taking a culinary tour, but this time I ventured to a recipe I would typically overlook because of its’ familiarity. The perfect snowed in recipe is a classic beef stew and this one did not disappoint. I always add my own twist and I encourage people to modify any recipe to their liking. Try Beef Stew with Parmesan Dumplings from Simply Delicious.  I added two extra carrots and celery stalks and added salt and pepper to taste.
  2. BECOME A MIXOLOGIST – pink housewife cocktailsYou’re going to need a cocktail to enjoy that amazing new recipe you just tried and let’s face it you’re not going anywhere in this snow. If you are looking to try a new recipe, or create a non-alcoholic beverage, you can easily find the perfect recipe by following my Housewife Cocktails board on Pinterest!
  3. PAMPER YOURSELF – Run a bath, light some candles, and leave your worries behind. If you don’t a have a bathtub, rejuvenate your skin with an at home facial. Try this one from Blue Skies, Sunshine, and Coffee
  4. CLICHÉ – Grab a blanket and some warm cocoa and curl up fireside to a book. There’s nothing like turning the pages of a good book and escaping the weather through a story.
  5. pine cone bird feederTHIS WEATHER IS FOR THE BIRDS – Actually our feathered friends could use a snack and with three simple items (pine cone, peanut butter, bird seed) you can create a treat. Simply spread some peanut butter on a pine cone and roll in bird seed. Hang this homemade ornament from a natural perch like a tree and watch the birds flock. Now you can bring bird watching to your own back yard and enjoy from the comfort of your home.
  6. TACKLE THE HONEY-DO LIST – Everyone has a DIY project whether it’s hanging some shelves, a fresh coat of paint, or some pre-spring cleaning. I’d rather be inside in this weather and enjoy the great outdoors when the mercury rises.
  7. GET ORGANIZED –  Organize that closet or clean out your kitchen pantry. When are you going to have this kind of time on your hands again? If you have kiddo’s at home let them help and make a game of it. Have some fun, crank some tunes, and you’re organized by the end of the day.
  8. WRITE A NOTE – valentine card imageIt’s almost Valentine’s Day and just because I’m an adult doesn’t mean I don’t love making and sending cards. Send a hand written note or card to someone and you will make their day. Instead of opening bills they can open a friendly message in the mail.
  9. MOVIE NIGHT – Make it romantic or family friendly. You don’t have to be at the theatre to try some gourmet popcorn. Try this recipe for Cinnamon Roll Caramel Popcorn from 4 Sons ‘R’ Us. Let the kids have fun in the kitchen first by creating their own batch or if it’s romance you are looking for curl up next to your honey.
  10. I JUST CALLED, TO SAY, I LOVE YOU – Remember that time before texting when people talked on the phone? Call your Grams to say hi or catch up with a relative that lives a far. Brighten someone’s day and keep in touch.

I am a beach girl at heart and prefer warm weather, but I have recently become fond of this new-found precipitation. I encourage others to take advantage of this rarity and breathe. Enjoy the moment and do all of those things around the house you want to do but never have the time to.

Cookies and Cocktails


When I was little my mom and her sisters would gather in my grandmothers kitchen to bake cookies and candies all day in preparation for Christmas.  The kitchen was an assembly line of my aunts baking goodies, and the sunroom adjacent to the kitchen was taken over as a staging area for the overflow of treats before they were packaged and on their way.  There were no worries nor a care in the world when you were in grandmas kitchen.  As children we were able to mix, bake, and decorate and participate in every minute of fun!

Traditions can get left behind in gluttonous schedules as life overflows.  I found myself, as well as my family and friends, rushing to the beat of another drummers tune.  But sometimes you just need to be still for a moment.  I wanted to bring back the simplicity I found as a young child in my grandmothers kitchen but with an adult twist and a sprinkle of fabulousness.   Thus I created Cookies and Cocktails.  A respite from busy schedules; time set a side for togetherness to enjoy making cookies while sharing in traditions.  Each recipe often holds a story, and as we share those stories and recipes the traditions continue.

mary-ann-and-deanne ginger-and-deanne

We all enjoy spending time with our friends and family, but in recent years, I felt the true meaning of Christmas was being lost in the monotony of scheduled holiday appearances and a rush to check off the list of gift items for everyone.  Cookies and Cocktails is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  It’s a night to unwind with a good glass of wine (or kiddie cocktail for the little ones) while sharing recipes and laughs.