Cookies and Cocktails


When I was little my mom and her sisters would gather in my grandmothers kitchen to bake cookies and candies all day in preparation for Christmas.  The kitchen was an assembly line of my aunts baking goodies, and the sunroom adjacent to the kitchen was taken over as a staging area for the overflow of treats before they were packaged and on their way.  There were no worries nor a care in the world when you were in grandmas kitchen.  As children we were able to mix, bake, and decorate and participate in every minute of fun!

Traditions can get left behind in gluttonous schedules as life overflows.  I found myself, as well as my family and friends, rushing to the beat of another drummers tune.  But sometimes you just need to be still for a moment.  I wanted to bring back the simplicity I found as a young child in my grandmothers kitchen but with an adult twist and a sprinkle of fabulousness.   Thus I created Cookies and Cocktails.  A respite from busy schedules; time set a side for togetherness to enjoy making cookies while sharing in traditions.  Each recipe often holds a story, and as we share those stories and recipes the traditions continue.

mary-ann-and-deanne ginger-and-deanne

We all enjoy spending time with our friends and family, but in recent years, I felt the true meaning of Christmas was being lost in the monotony of scheduled holiday appearances and a rush to check off the list of gift items for everyone.  Cookies and Cocktails is a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.  It’s a night to unwind with a good glass of wine (or kiddie cocktail for the little ones) while sharing recipes and laughs.


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