farmDREAM – Winter Hibernation Update

fallwinter14It was only a week after completion of my first season as a farm apprentice that I needed to get back in the dirt. Worn and tired, we were all looking forward to a short reprieve, but a girl can only organize so many closets.

Winter has been long and my hibernation is drawing to a close. Each hint of warmth from an abnormally high temp mid February awakens the soul and I am ready for planting.

Farm magazines are sprawled out and circling me as I sit in my office picking and choosing my spring line-up of seeds.  There are many varieties that I am excited about and some new ones I am looking forward to trying.  I order seeds and products from two locations; Johnny’s and Hummert International.

We added a “new” tractor to our fleet.  New for me, but gently used, and it will help me accomplish everything I need to on the farm.  I think Uncle Glenn would be proud, as our tractor shed is filled with mostly red (Massey Ferguson).  I also have a new tiller attachment and looking for a furrower as we speak.  I will need this to plant more asparagus crowns, rhubarb and potatoes this spring.

I am very excited about our greenhouse and hope to have it put up within a month.  We spent a long weekend at a local winery labeling with care and taking it apart.  Special thanks to my fellow apprentices from Riverbend Roots Farm and my parents for coming to the rescue and helping us.  Our next step is to prep and level the ground so we can start to assemble the gothic style greenhouse.

A large compost pile has been constructed near the greenhouse site.  Compost minimizes household food waste and green debris throughout the farm. Compost is being incorporated into the soil as the conventional farm ground is readied for growing produce.

There is still a lot of planning and work going into this next season.  I will continue to work as a farmer-in-training and earn my official status as a farmer.  I am also designing our farmstand, which will be located at the edge of our property.  We’ve been making way on restoration plans for the house and slowly but surely we will get there.  At the end of each day there is a smile on my face and my partner through life right by my side! #followingthefarmdream